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Highest Free Cash Flow Per Share in the Aluminum Industry Detected for Kaiser Aluminum (KALU, NOR, AA)

Published on Mon, 01/28/2013 - 11:17
By Peter Chu

Below are the three companies in the Aluminum industry with the highest free cash flow per share. FCF/share is a valuable metric signaling a company's ability to facilitate growth in the business.

Kaiser Aluminum (NASDAQ:KALU) is highest with FCF per share of $1.61. Kaiser Aluminum Corporation produces alumina, primary aluminum, and fabricated aluminum products. The Company also supplies alumina and primary aluminum in domestic and international markets.

Kaiser Aluminum (NASDAQ:KALU) has potential upside of 14.7% based on a current price of $62.64 and analysts' consensus price target of $71.83. The stock should find initial support at its 50-day moving average (MA) of $61.39 and further support at its 200-day MA of $55.75.

Following is Noranda Aluminum (NYSE:NOR) with FCF per share of $1.13.

Finishing up the top three is Alcoa (NYSE:AA), with FCF per share of $0.22.

By Peter Chu