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Top 3 Companies in the Advertising Industry With the Lowest Price to Book Ratio (CNET, AMCN, ISIG)

Published on Tue, 06/18/2013 - 10:51
By Robert Cotter

Below are the three companies in the Advertising industry with the lowest price to book ratios. Often companies with the lowest ratio present the greatest value to investors.

ChinaNet Online Holdings (NASDAQ:CNET) is lowest with a price to book ratio of 0.33. ChinaNet Online Holdings Inc. is full-service media development, advertising and communications company for small and medium companies (SMEs) in China. ChinaNet Online Holdings has traded 0 shares thus far today, vs. average volume of 20,000 shares per day. The stock has underperformed the Dow (-0.2% to the Dow's 0.6%) and underperformed the S&P 500 (-0.2% to the S&P's 0.5%) during today's trading.

AirMedia (NASDAQ:AMCN) is next with a price to book ratio of 0.42.

Finishing up the bottom three is Insignia Systems (NASDAQ:ISIG), with a price to book ratio of 1.00.

By Robert Cotter